Smith Tool and Design is committed to providing 

high precision-machined components. We strive

to fully satisfy all customers, regulatory and

statutory requirements while continuously

improving our Quality Management System and established objectives.


As an industry leader in contract machining and

high-precision manufacturing, Smith Tool and

Design is capable of both short and long CNC

production runs requiring tight production


We offer our valuable customers a variety of services

from simple 2-axis turning all the way up to 6-axis

turn-mill services. Our late model, high quality

equipment is "Super Precision®" and capable of

holding sub-micron tolerances, and 16RMS or better

surface finishes without grinding operations.

We specialize in both long and short CNC turning production runs. Our current CNC turning capacity is up to

10" diameter x 22" long and up to 6 program controlled axis with most of our equipment having 12' barfeeds.

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