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Smith Tool and Design is a multi-axis production

CNC machine shop that has been in business since

1979 providing supply chain support for companies

of all sizes. The advantage of doing business with

us resides in the fact that we produce superb quality

and competitive pricing through our increased

efficiency and less handling in our state of the art


We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in

contract machining and high precision

manufacturing. We offer multi-axis milling and

turning capability and we prefer more complex and

high-precision components and assemblies. We, as

a company are heavily invested in lean practices

and we offer shorter setup and turnaround times than our competitors are capable of.

We are currently seeking to develop new relationships with companies who understand that a long term business relationship, based on trust, is the most cost effective model for strategic supply chain

initiatives. If you would like to inquire how we can take the first step towards a lasting manufacturing partnership please send us an email or give us a call and allow us to demonstrate firsthand our capabilities and motivation for excellence.

Please see our “Capabilities” pages to learn more about our specific CNC expertise and our current equipment list. Always feel free to reach out to us via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns or if you have a project that you’d like to discuss. We look very forward to hearing from you

and the opportunity to help support and grow your business.

Smith Tool & Design specializes in machining: Titanium – Stainless Steel – Brass – Inconel – Plastic – Aluminum – High or Low Carbon Steel and we cater to many diverse industries including: Medical – Dental – Aerospace – Cryogenics – Firearms – Electronics.


Smith Tool and Design is committed to providing 

high precision-machined components. We strive

to fully satisfy all customers, regulatory and

statutory requirements while continuously

improving our Quality Management System and established objectives.

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